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Đề Xuất 2/2023 # 100 Baby Names With A Little Meaning # Top 4 Like

Cập nhật nội dung chi tiết về 100 Baby Names With A Little Meaning mới nhất trên website Beiqthatgioi.com. Hy vọng thông tin trong bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu ngoài mong đợi của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ làm việc thường xuyên để cập nhật nội dung mới nhằm giúp bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất.

Have you ever wondered what your favourite baby name actually means? It’s all well and good to have a cute sounding name but what if the meaning is just…blasé?

Choosing a powerful moniker for your future child is just as important as how the name LOOKS and SOUNDS.

These 100 names, collected via Pop Sugar are not only adorable but they have a strong meaning behind them also, making them that much more appealing.

A list of 100 baby names with strong meaning for your bub


Aaron: Hebrew — Enlightened.

Aiden: Celtic — The sun god; fiery.

Alexander: Greek — Defender of men.

Amell: German — Power of an eagle.

Amory: German — Leader; divine; brave; powerful.

Andrew: Greek — Strong; manly; courageous.

Anthony: Latin — Priceless.

Asher: Hebrew —Happy or blessed.

Austin: Latin — Majestic dignity.

Azai: Hebrew — Strength.

Aziel: Hebrew — God is my power.

Caelan: Irish — Powerful warrior; victorious people.

Chance: English — Good fortune.

Charlie: English — Free.

David: Hebrew — Beloved.

Edric: English — Power and good fortune.

Edward: English — Wealthy guardian.

Elliot: Hebrew — Lord is my God.

Ethan: Hebrew — Strong; safe; firm.

Ezra: Hebrew — Helper.

Felix: Latin — Happy; fortunate.

Gabriel: Hebrew — Devoted to God; a hero of God; God is my strength.

Henry: German — Ruler of the household.

Ian: Scottish — God is gracious.

Isaac: Hebrew — He will laugh.

Isaiah: Hebrew — Salvation of the lord.

Jayce: Greek — Healer.

Jonathan: Hebrew — God gives.

Josiah: Hebrew — Fire of the Lord; healer.

Julian: Latin — Father of the skies.

Kano: Japanese — One’s masculine power; capability.

Levi: Hebrew — Joined in harmony.

Liam: Irish — Strong-willed warrior and protector.

Lucas: Latin — Light-giving; illumination.

Magnus: Latin — Greatest.

Matthew: Hebrew — Gift from God.

Miles: Latin — Soldier.

Milo: German — Merciful.

Nathan: Hebrew — He gave.

Ned: English — Wealthy guardian.

Noah: Hebrew — Rest; comfort.

Nolan: Gaelic — A descendant of a chariot fighter or champion; famous; noble.

Oswald: English — Divine power.

Owen: Welsh — Young warrior; well-born; noble.

Robert: German — Bright fame.

Ryan: Irish — Descendent of the king; little king.

William: German — Strong-willed warrior; resolute protection.

Xander: Greek — Protector of men.

Zachary: Hebrew — Remembered by God.

Zane: Hebrew — God’s gracious gift.


Abigail: Hebrew — The father’s joy.

Alessia: Italian — Defending warrior.

Alexandra: Greek — Helper; defender of mankind.

Alice: English — Noble; kind.

Amara: Latin — Strong; attractive; stylish.

Amelia: German — Industrious; striving.

Anne: Hebrew — Favored grace.

Arabella: Latin — Lovely; elegant.

Audree: French — Nobility; strength.

Arianna: Greek — Holy.

Avery: French — Wise.

Callie: Greek — Most beautiful.

Calynn: Gaelic — Powerful in battle.

Charlotte: French — Petite; feminine.

Charvi: Sanskrit — Beautiful.

Claire: Latin — Bright; clear; famous; brilliant.

Cora: Greek — Filled heart.

Darlene: English — Darling, loved one.

Della: German — Noble; bright.

Diana: Latin — Moon Goddess.

Eleanor: Greek — Bright, shining one; sun rays.

Ella: English — Light; beautiful fairy woman.

Eva: Hebrew — Life.

Farrah: Arabic — Happy.

Faye: French — Loyalty; confidence; trust; belief.

Gabriella: Hebrew — Devoted to God.

Grace: Latin: Goodness; generosity.

Hannah: Hebrew — Favor; grace of God.

Isabelle: Hebrew — God is my strength; devoted to God.

Jocelyn: Latin — Happy; joyful.

Kaitlyn: Greek — Pure.

Kalila: Arabic — Heap of love.

Layla: Egyptian — Dark beauty.

Mackenzie: Gaelic — Child of the wise leader.

Malia: Hawaiian — Beloved.

Mia: Latin — Mine; wished-for child.

Mila: Russian — Industrious; hardworking.

Millie: Latin — Free-born; strength; determination.

Naila: Arabic — Successful.

Nora: Greek — Shining light.

Reagan: Irish — Little ruler.

Reveka: Hebrew — Captivating.

Samantha: Hebrew — Listener.

Sarah: Hebrew — Princess.

Shayna: Yiddish — Beautiful; God is gracious.

Sophia: Greek — Wisdom.

Stella: Greek — A star.

Vivian: Latin — Full of life.

Zahra: Arabic — Flower.

Zoe: Greek — Life.

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85 Strong And Powerful Baby Boy Names With Great Meanings

When parents search for baby names for boys, they look for this criterion: it should be intense, powerful and must be able to stand the test of time. A strong and powerful baby name gives an extra measure of strength to the child.

Hunting for a powerful and strong name on the internet is cumbersome. Worry not! If you are looking for a name for your son that will make other boys hesitate to pick on him in the school, check out our list below. We’ve taken powerful and strong baby boy names from every corner of the world. Some will be familiar to you; others will not. Just keep reading.

Strong Baby Boy Names:

1. Arnold:

The name Arnold was introduced into the UK by the Normans in the form Arnaud. Arnold Schoenberg, the novelist, is a reputable namesake. It may come as a surprise to most of you, but the venerable St. Arnold was Greek by birth. And, who cannot but think of the Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2. Amell:

Amell is a German name, meaning ‘power of an eagle’. We don’t think it can get more powerful than this.

3. Maynard:

Maynard is a German name, meaning ‘brave, hardy and strong’. But do not pronounce the name as May-nerd. You will be killing a charming name.

4. Andreas:

Andreas is the New Testament Greek variation of Andrew, meaning ‘strong and manly’. The most notable namesake is Andreas Feininger, the famous photographer. You can keep Andrew as a short form for Andreas.

5. Griffin:

Griffin is the name of a mythological creature with the half body of a lion and half of eagle. The meaning of Griffin is ‘strong lord’.

6. Ethan:

Ethan is one of our most favorite baby boy names. It means ‘firm and strong’, but sounds cheerful. With ties to Wales and England, it has a royal ring to it as well. The name got a boost through Tom Cruise’s character in the Mission Impossible series.

7. Kawan:

This Korean name is well-known in the other parts of the world as well. It means ‘strong’.

8. Bernard:

Yes, we all know that Bernard is the first name of the saint who lived in the Alps. But do you know what it means? It means ‘bear strength’. Over the years, this name has taken an intellectual image, losing most of the Alpine energy.

9. Denzell:

Denzel is a variation of Denzell. This old Cornish name got an entirely new identity via Denzel Washington. The actor was named after the doctor who delivered him. The name means ‘powerful’.

10. Etan:

Etan is the Hebrew form of the name Ethan. This name is very common in Israel. The meaning of Etan is ‘firm and powerful’.

11. Barrett:

Barrett is a German name, meaning ‘bear strength’. We loved the pleasing sound of this name. It also has literary associations with Elizabeth Barrett Browning. You can consider this name for your baby girl too!

12. Valerio:

This name comes from the English word ‘valor’, meaning ‘strength’. The final ‘o’ in this name is adding a macho touch to it.

13. Malin:

14. Ezekiel:

Ezekiel, the name of an old Testament prophet, means ‘God strengthens’. You can shorten this name to Zeke, but it sounds more powerful in its full form. The name is rising steadily in popularity along with other Biblical names Ezra and Asher.

15. Quillon:

Quillon is a Latin name, meaning ‘strong’ or ‘crossing swords’. The name looks beautiful when written, but its pronunciation is not very appealing. It’s pronounced as Kill-on, which may lead the little one to go astray. You can go with Killian, but it has an entirely different meaning.

16. Valentine:

Valentine is an attractive Shakespearean name with romantic associations. But it was also borne by the third-century martyr, St. Valentine, whose birthday is celebrated as the modern Valentine’s Day. The meaning of Valentine is ‘strong’.

17. Arsenio:

Arsenio is a Spanish name, meaning ‘virile and strong’. It was, for long, considered the exclusive property of Mr. Hall, but is now being adopted by others as well.

18. Oswald:

The meaning of Oswald is ‘divine power’. Apart from its association with the adorable cartoon character, Oswald also has literary connections. It was mentioned in Shakespeare’s King Lear and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

19. Thor:

Your son may not have the looks of the Asgard resident, but giving him a name meaning ‘thunderous’, would give him strength beyond his wildest dreams.

20. Angus:

The name Angus is moving rapidly from old Scottish name to hip American. It’s a plausible pick for parents with roots going back to Glasgow. The meaning of Angus is ‘one strength’.

21. Phoenix:

Phoenix may be a mythological bird, but its story definitely makes it worth keeping it as your child’s name. A bird born from its own ashes, Phoenix is a symbol of renewal and never giving up.

22. Andrew:

Andrew, meaning ‘manly and strong’, is a perfect name for your little one. The name has more character than most of the classic baby names. Andy or Drew would make the best nicknames for this one.

23. Leonardo:

Here’s a perfect name for your little cub. Meaning ‘brave lion’, the name is strong and ferocious with a sweet vibe.

24. Gabriel:

Gabriel was the archangel who heralded the news of Jesus Christ’s birth. It’s one of the favorite Biblical names and has been sitting in the top 25 name list for seven years. The meaning of Gabriel is ‘God is my strength’.

25. Garrett:

Garrett is an Irish name, which was once in the top 100 list, but slipped in popularity. It’s an Irish variation of Gerard and means ‘spear strength’. Garrett also featured in the Twilight series. He was one of the vampires in Breaking Dawn.

26. Swithun:

Also spelled as Swithin, Swithun is an English name, meaning ‘quick, strength’. It’s associated with St. Swithin’s Day, who was a famous weather predictor. The name would surely make a unique pick.

27. Osiris:

Osiris is the name of the Egyptian mythological god who dies and takes rebirth every year. The meaning of Osiris is ‘strong eyesight’.

28. Maoz:

Maoz is a symbolic name given to boys born during the Jewish rededication of the Holy Temple, called Hanukah. The song Maoz Tzur is sung at that time. The meaning of Maoz in Hebrew is ‘strength’.

29. Imre:

Imre is quite a familiar name in Hungary, but would take a bit of explaining in other regions. The meaning of Imre is ‘strength’.

30. Kenzo:

Kenzo is a popular Japanese name with several creative bearers, like Kenzo Takada, the prize-winning architect, Kenzo Okada, the painter and Kenzo, the fashion designer. Even Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou chose this name for their son. The meaning of Kenzo is ‘strong and healthy’.

31. Oz:

Oz is a Hebrew name, denoting power and strength. It’s the short form of Ozni, who was Jacob’s grandson in the Bible. With other ‘O’ names like Osmond, Osgood and Ozias gaining popularity, Oz would also make a viable choice.

32. Takio:

Here’s another well used Japanese name, meaning ‘strong as bamboo’.

33. Uzziah:

Uzziah is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘Jehovah is my friend’. This is one of the most unusual and unique Biblical names. It was the name of the long-reigning queen of Judea. It’s sure to appeal to parents looking for a unique Old Testament name.

34. Zale:

Zale has a catchy sound and an appealing meaning. This Greek name means ‘sea strength’.

35. Rinaldo:

Rinaldo is the Italian version of the name Reginald. It means ‘counsel power’. This name has been on the US popularity list since the 1930s.

36. Azeil:

Azeil is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘God is my power’. It was a common name in Israel throughout the middle ages.

37. Kano:

Kano is a Japanese name, meaning ‘masculine power’ or ‘capability.’ It’s one of the most pleasing crossover names.

38. Edric:

Edric is an English name, meaning ‘power and good fortune’.

39. Azai:

Azai is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘strength’.

40. Ryker:

Ryker is a Danish name, which means ‘superior strength’. This name is rising in popularity for its trendy ‘Ry’ beginning and its two-syllable rhythm. In the past decade, the name rocketed from #30 to #151.

Names Of Powerful Men:

From brilliant entrepreneur, politicians, investors to presidents, here’s our list of powerful men with equally strong names.

1. Martin:

Martin Luther King Junior, one of the most influential and powerful men in the world history, has a name that can’t be beaten. Not just the namesake, but the meaning of the word is also strong, as it means ‘warlike’.

2. Brian:

Brian is one of the most famous Irish imports baby boy names. The name entered the United States popularity list in the year 1925 and remained in the Top 100 list for 60 years. Its claim to fame is Brian Boru, the most famous Irish warrior king. The meaning of Brian is “virtuous, strong and honorable’.

3. Franklin:

The 32nd US president Franklin Roosevelt managed to keep the spirits of the country alive even during the recession and World War II. His fireside chats with the influential people of other countries kept the country going even at the most fragile times. The name Franklin has an air of loyalty and bravery.

4. Harvey:

Harvey Milk was the first gay politician to be elected to the office. He stood vehemently for love, courage, and bravery and fought for the rights of those who had no voice or chose not to speak. He was also instrumental in passing a gay rights ordinance in the 1970s. Coincidentally, the name means ‘battle worthy’.

5. George:

Besides George Washington, the first president of the US, several other Georges have contributed to power and significance. King George III was one of the most influential kings of Ireland and the UK. Then, there is George Harrison, the famous singer and musician. George Clooney one of the most popular actors of Hollywood.

6. Dirk:

Dirk is the name of the current gen of the super powerful Ziff publishing family. This name received some fame from the 50s to 80s along with its cousin Kirk but is not heard much now. So, it’s sure to make a unique name for your son.

7. Alexander:

The strong name Alexander belongs to one of the most popular historical figures of all time, Alexander the Great. In the year 2015, this name ranked 11th in terms of popularity.

8. Napoleon:

From the infamous French leader Napoleon Bonaparte to the not-so historically important, yet culturally significant Napoleon Dynamite, this name has made across all the cultures in the last 300 years. It was also the nickname of George B. McClellan and Douglas MacArthur.

9. William:

There have been so many strong and powerful bearers of William over the years that it is difficult to select one. We’ve had William Shakespeare, William Henry Harrison, and William McKinley, who made a high impact on the society.

10. John:

John F. Kennedy, John Adams, Pope John Paul II, John Quincy Adam have all been famous. John has been a dominant name throughout the centuries. It was even more popular during the Biblical times, when not one or two, but 12 of Jesus’ apostles were named John.

11. Henry:

There have been several King Henrys over the years. It is common among the politicians too. The name was an inspiration for one of Shakespeare’s plays. Now that’s one powerful name.

12. Abraham:

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the US and had the vision to unite the nation. He worked towards his goal relentlessly until his assassination in 1865.

13. Ronald:

This name carries weight as it was the moniker of the 40th president of US, Ronald Wilson Reagan. Reagan served as the governor of California before his presidency.

14. Fidel:

Fidel Castro was one of the most prominent faces of the Cuban revolution. He went on to become the prime minister and president of Cuba. Isn’t that a lovely name?

15. Guevara:

You must have guessed whom we are referring to here. Ernesto Che Guevara, the Argentinian revolutionary was one of the main men of the Cuban Revolution. He was also a trained doctor and a leader in guerilla warfare.

16. Asoka:

Alexander was not the only king who was conferred the title ‘The Great’. Asoka, the Indian emperor, was so deeply moved by the death and destruction in the Kalinga War that he renounced kingship and adopted Buddhism.

17. Eli:

People of Los Angeles must be aware of Eli Borad, the art world titan. This name has been shooting in popularity and entered the top 100 list for the first time this year.

18. Winston:

19. Julius:

Julius Caesar was a Roman military genius and ruler, to say the least. He played a critical role in the rise of the Roman Empire.

20. Joseph:

This moniker has been borne by several powerful men in the history, including Joseph II, the first Austrian dominion ruler from House of Lorraine. He’s considered one of the most selfless and enlightened rulers of his time. Joseph means ‘may Jehovah add or increase’.

21. Austin:

There could be no name more compelling for your son than Austin, which means ‘great and magnificent’. This powerful name has been borne by several notable figures across history, for example Stephen F Austin, the American empresario.

22. Nelson:

Nelson Mandela was the first, democratically elected president of South Africa and the leader of the Anti-Apartheid movement.

23. Mohandas:

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi, led India against the rule of the British in India.

24. Hassan:

Hassan Rouhani is the recently elected President of Iran. He has been in politics since 1989.

25. Jacob:

Jacob Zuma was elected as the president of South Africa in 2009. As a name, Jacob continues to rise in popularity.

26. Basshar:

Syrian President Basshar Al-Assad has been strong and firm at his position despite all the difficulties in the country. He’s indeed one of the most powerful leaders of this time.

27. Forest/Forrest:

Forrest is one of the most modern of all the powerful and strong appellations. This green, woodsy name has a strong yet distinctive image. The most distinguished and powerful bearer of this name is newsman Forest Sawyer.

28. Theodore:

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th US president, was the amalgamation of a politician, explorer, author and historian. He was also the youngest person to serve as the country.

29. Muhammad:

Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam, was the man of true justice. He was the most powerful person of his time and continues to inspire millions of people today. The name Muhammad was the most popular in the UK last year.

30. Albert:

Albert Einstein was a physicist who formulated the theory of relativity. Did you know that Einstein could not speak until he was four years old?

31. Isaac:

Sir Isaac Newton was the inventor of differential and integral calculus. He’s arguably, the single, most influential thinker in the history of humankind.

32. Aristotle:

Aristotle contributed in every field of human knowledge. He started off as nothing but ended up being the basis of all science for more than 2,000 years. Aristotle is one of the most regal names of all time.

33. Xi:

Xi Jinping, the Prime Minister of China, holds three crucial offices required for being the paramount leader of China. In fact, he’s called the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao.

34. Mario:

Mario Draghi is the president of the European Central Bank. He had fought the economic stagnation of Europe last year with a course of quantitative easing.

35. Warren:

Warren Buffet is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. His biggest ever deal happened last year in August when he paid $37bn to industrial and aerospace parts maker Castparts.

36. Salman:

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was anointed the king of Saudi Arabia last year following the death of his brother, King Abdullah.

37. Gordon:

This strong Scottish surname may have been overtaken by Jordon, but Gordon sounds like having a better chance of being powerful. We have two most famous references here British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and famous chef Gordon Ramsay.

38. Barack:

US President Barack Obama has introduced Obamacare medical insurance, ended the Iraq War and signed an Arms treaty with Russia. He’s indeed one of the most powerful people of our generation.

39. Vladimir:

Russian President Vladimir Putin left behind Barack Obama this year to win the title of the most powerful leader.

40. Francis:

This spiritual leader to 1.2 billion people in the world deserves the place in this list. The Pope is loved not just by the Catholics, but by people of all races and religion.

41. Bill:

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is the wealthiest person in the world. Apart from building a reputation of a serious thinker, Bill is also a philanthropist.

42. David:

British Prime Minister David Cameroon is another powerful leader of this generation.

43. Narendra:

Narendra Modi, India’s current Prime Minister, is the second most followed politician on Twitter after Barack Obama. Do we need to say anything more about his popularity?

44. Larry:

Larry Page is the self-made billionaire and CEO of Alphabet, the publicly traded company, which includes Google, Google X Lab, Nest, Calico and Fiber.

45. Rupert:

If you are looking for an entrepreneur’s name, you must definitely consider Rupert as Rupert Murdoch is a media baron and a multi-billionaire. Rupert is the German form of Robert. It may sound a bit stodgy, but has a sophisticated charm.

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If you don’t have your name in mind yet, don’t worry! Below we present a list of literally every baby boy name – including middle names – starting with E, the name’s meaning and origin. Good luck and have a wonderful day.

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Hướng Dẫn Chơi Rylai (By Little_Chicken)

CÁC GUIDE RYLAI (theo tác giả)

Tên guide: Guide to Rylai Crestfall – The Crystal MaidenTác giả: Little_Chicken =====================================

Hero overview

Tarven: Light Tarven

Primary Attribute: Intelligence

Base damage: 17-23, Int hero với 21 start Int nên damage lại lv1 là 38-44

Base armor: 1

Strength: 16 + 1.7

Agility: 16 + 1.6

Intelligence: 21 + 2.9

Move speed: 280

Base attack time: 1.7 (+16% IAS)

Attack range: 600

Missile speed: 900

Sight range: 1800(day) / 800(night)

Stats lv1 and lv25 (naked, added attribute bonuses)


Support và hỗ trợ gank tốt với 2skill gây damage, gồm 1 disable và 1 slow, ngoài ra còn có aura regen global cho toàn bộ team

Ultimate AoE khỏe, cooldown không cao và nếu dùng đúng lúc đúng chỗ sẽ là nỗi kinh hoàng của đối phương

Không cần nhiều item vẫn có thể support tốt cho team

Chân dài, trắng, mông cong


Chân dài nhưng chạy chậm (ms 280), chắc là giữ dáng =.=!

HP và Armor thấp, giống các Int Hero khác

Không có skill thực sự để thoát gank

Animation không thực sự tốt, gây cản trở việc lasthit/deny

Ultimate là channeling, dễ bị ngắt và khó dùng để đạt hiệu quả tốt nhất

Trong game nhìn face không đẹp, tuy nhiên vẫn là xinh xắn so với các thể loại Butcher, Naix ….

Crystal No[v]a: skill được dùng để thay thế cho Frostnova, tránh đụng hàng với Lich ở ver 6.6x ^_^, làm nổ một khoảng rộng 700 AoE, slow 30% MS và 50% AS, đồng thời deal damage tùy theo lv của skill:

Lv1: 80 damage

Lv2: 130 damage

Lv3: 180 damage

Lv4: 230 damage

Cooldown: 15sec all lv

Manacost: 100/120/140/160

Nhận xét:

Gây damage AoE khá, tuy nhiên damage nếu bạn muốn 4cuz một target lại không cao

Damage type là magic, bị reduce bởi magic resistance (hero’s armor, skill, Hood…) và không ảnh hưởng đến các unit spell immunity (BKB, Omni’s Repel hay Naix’s Rage)

Slow hữu ích khi hỗ trợ gank và không thay đổi theo lv nên có thể lấy 1 skill này lúc đầu, không nên max quá sớm Rylai cần skill point vào các skill khác hơn

Frostbit[e]: đóng băng và nhốt một đối tượng trong tảng băng lớn, gây 70 damage mỗi giây và unit chịu effect của skill không thể attack/move nhưng có thể sử dụng skill

Lv1: 1.5s với Hero và creep Lv6 trở lên, 10s với creep khác

Lv2: 2s với Hero và creep Lv6 trở lên, 10s với creep khác

Lv3: 2.5s với Hero và creep Lv6 trở lên, 10s với creep khác

Lv4: 3s với Hero và creep Lv6 trở lên, 10s với creep khác

Cooldown:10sec all lv

Manacost: 115/125/140/150

Nhận xét:

Disable khá, thời gian effect lâu (3sec), nhược điểm duy nhất là khi đối phương bị disable vẫn có thể dùng skill

Cooldown ngắn, thời gian tác động cực lâu lên các creep dưới lv6 nên có thể dùng để farm rừng

Damage type là magic

Damage tại lv1-2 và 3-4 là như nhau, do vậy chỉ nên lấy skill này 3 point ở Early

Briliance Aura: Đơn giản và hiệu quả regen aura cho các unit đồng minh có manapool trong phạm vi là 99999

Lv1: 0.5mana/s

Lv2: 1.0mana/s

Lv2: 1.5mana/s

Lv4: 2.0mana/s

Cooldown and manacost: N/A

Nhận xét:

Global skill, là skill khiến cho Rylai trở thành hot girl trong draft với khả năng regen mana cho đồng đội toàn map (toàn skill băng giá lạnh lẽo mà thành “hot” girl =.=)

Đã bị IF nerf, ở các ver trước regen của aura là 0.6/1.2/1.8/2.4 và 1.5/2/2.5/3

Lượng mana regen là cố định, tức là dù hero có bao nhiêu Int, mana bao nhiêu cũng được regen cho như nhau.

Stack với Ring of Basilius, nhưng 0.6 mana regen của Basilius không trở thành Global

Free[z]field: Tạo ra các vụ nổ băng xung quanh Rylai một cách ngẫu nhiên, slow các unit trong AoE của skill và được buff thêm khi Rylai có Aghanim’s Scepter

Lv1:105 (170) damage/phát

Lv2:170 (250) damage/phát

Lv3:250 (310) damage/phát

Cooldown: 150s(120) / 120s(90) / 90s(90)

Manacost: 300/400/600

Duration: 4s

Area Of Effect: 635 range

Nhận xét:

Slow 30%ms và 20%as trong 1sec mỗi khi dính một vụ nổ

Nổ tối đa 40 lần, và mỗi unit chỉ có thể bị dính 20 lần

Gây magic damage, và damage theo hình Elip

Channeling nên khi dính disable sẽ bị ngắt spell

Có thể dùng để clear creep, farm vì cooldown 90s ở lv16 là không quá lâu, tuy nhiên nếu game có nhiều skirmish thì đừng dại mà spam vớ vẩn kẻo lại ăn tạ

Skill build 1

Lv1. Frostbile

Lv2. Crystal Nova

Lv3. Briliance Aura

Lv4. Briliance Aura

Lv5. Frostbite

Lv6. Briliance Aura

Lv7. Briliance Aura

Lv8. Frostbite

Lv9. Crystal Nova

Lv10. Freezing Field

Lv11. Freezing Field

Lv12. Crystal Nova

Lv13. Crystal Nova

Lv14. Frosbite

Lv15. Stats

Lv16. Freezing Field

Skill build 2

Lv1. Crystal Nova

Lv2. Frostbite

Lv3. Briliance Aura

Lv4. Briliance Aura

Lv5. Briliance Aura

Lv6. Freezing Field

Lv7. Briliance Aura

Lv8. Frostbite

Lv9. Frostbite

Lv10. Crystal Nova

Lv11. Freezing Field

Lv12. Crystal Nova

Lv13. Crystal Nova

Lv14. Frosbite

Lv15. Stats

Lv16. Freezing Field

Item build Rylai là một hero dựa vào hệ thống skill, việc farm không quan trọng nên item sẽ không nhiều.

Phase Boot +

Scroll Of Town Portal, có thể thay thế bằng


Healing Salve

Chick /

Obs và

Magic Wand

Kelen’s Dagger Of Escape


Aghanim’s Scepter

Shiva Guard


Frostbite hoặc Nova lấy ở lv1, với 1.5s disable (move and attack) hoặc 5s slow ta làm được khá nhiều việc đấy , nhất là khi team có ý định FB ngay lv1 @@

Max aura đầu tiên để khẳng định thương hiệu CM /

Lấy Frostbite đến lv3 rồi thôi, từ lv3 tới lv4 của Frostbite chỉ chênh duration có 0.5s và hoàn toàn không có hiệu quả về damage, thay vào đó là một điểm Crystal Nova …

Ulti có thể lấy ở lv6 để tham gia combat sớm, hoặc nếu game ít skirmish thì để tời lv10 và 11 tăng một thể

Sau khi max Nova hãy max nốt Frosbite

Phase Boots là item đem lại cho Rylai ms cao khi active, bổ sung thêm damage để thi thoảng last hit con creep và 5armor để thêm vào armor mỏng của Rylai

Bracer x2: đảm bảo cho HP bar của Rylai không tụt xuống quá nhanh khi lỡ dính 1,2 nuke, đồng thời thêm gần 1 armor và 78mana

Scroll Of Town Portal: tất nhiên phải có một slot cho cái này nếu bạn không muốn chạy xuyên qua nửa map để push/def và tham gia các skirmish

Healing Salve: heal máu cho Rylai sau các cuộc giao tranh, do Rylai ít khi build item regen

Magic wand đắp cho bạn thêm tí stats, và khả năng heal cấp tốc giúp bạn sống sót trong những tình huống nguy hiểm

Ver 6.6x có một Aghanim khá mới, rẻ và dễ ghép lên … Ultimate được boost damage, thêm 390hp, 1.3 armor và 280mp cũng đáng để bạn bỏ tiền ra (vâng, nếu bạn có tiền) sắm một cây Ahganim, nếu tự tin vào khả năng sử dụng ulti của mình …

Shiva cung cấp AoE slow, 30Int và 15armor, nhược điểm duy nhất của item này là không + một chút hp nào

Playing roles: Supporter and Supportive Ganker

nếu đã có người mua gà …

Nếu bạn đi cùng carrier của team thì nên chú tâm vào deny, và để cho carrier farm, thường xuyên lure creep để có lợi thế exp và gold, đồng thời khi sử dụng Frostbite lên Creeps Neutral lv 5 trở xuống có thời gian tác dụng rất lâu, bạn có thể dùng Frostbite để farm rừng … Về late chỉ cần không bị out lv và item quá nhiều thì đối với team bạn vẫn có giá trị rất lớn

Up chim và mang các item regen ra cho bạn Cố gắng hết early có 1 hoặc 2 Bracer, Boot và ward đều đặn

Lv 11 to 17 Ở giai đoạn này Carrier bên bạn đã có một số item nhất định, nếu cả early đã phải đóng vai Babysitter thì có thể tham gia vào các cuộc vui nhiều hơn Gank và ward là những việc bạn cần làm tốt trong thời điểm này Nếu có lane free mà Carrier đang ở base hoặc đang farm rừng chẳng hạn, hãy tranh thủ farm tí ti để khỏi bị áp lực từ số tiền bỏ ra mua ward đè chết @@

Hoàn thành core item, và ở thời điểm này thì cũng đã có một số skirmish giữa hai phe … Đừng nổi máu Sinbad mà chạy vào ulti ngay khi nhìn thấy team địch, bạn vừa active một skill tốn 400 mana có tác dụng kêu gọi đủ các thứ hổ lốn gồm tạ, cả chua, trứng thối … vào đầu mình đấy Tốt nhất hãy bình tĩnh đứng ngoài và trói carrier đối phương, hoặc con DD chẳng hạn … Sau đó khi đã có kha khá skill được tung ra thì hãy chạy vào và Ulti … Trong lúc thực hiện hãy cầu nguyện là không có stun nào bay trúng đầu bạn, hoặc có trúng cũng nên trúng trước khi Ulti Hãy sử dụng tất cả những gì có thể để gây thiệt hãi tối đa cho đối phương Nếu bạn farm khá (tất nhiên là chả thể tốt nổi =.=) thì có thể lựa chọn giữa 2 item là Dagger và BKB … Xét về công dụng, Dagger có thể tăng khả năng sống sót của Rylai lên khá nhiều, đồng thời nó cũng gạt bỏ một hình ảnh tớ rất ghét, đó là Rylai chạy bộ vào Ulti =.= … Còn BKB có khả năng cho bạn một Ulti tương đối an toàn hơn (Axe’s Call Of Bersesk và Warlock’s Rain Of Chaos vẫn ngắt được channel này kể cả có BKB =.=), thêm tí máu … Cá nhân tớ vẫn thích Dagger hơn, nhưng trong trường hợp bạn dư dả tiền thì có thể lên cả hai Tuy nhiên nếu tiền nong cho phép, tôi vẫn thích cặp item Dagger + Aghanim hơn, nhưng thường lên được Dagger thì đã gg mất tiêu rồi

Lv 18 to 25 Về late thì các hero đã dần hoàn thiện các item của mình, sức mạnh của Rylai cũng bị giảm đi Tuy nhiên disable của bạn vẫn còn hiệu quả lớn, và Ulti chính là lời ve vãn “Stop me, plz” khiến cho đối phương chú ý đến bạn hơn, và teammate của bạn thỏa sức chém giết … Tất nhiên nếu có các teammate như Magnus, Enigma hay ES … mở đầu combat thì đừng ngại mà tung Ulti ngay sau khi những hero kia khẳng định vai trò Initiator của mình

Gồm các ganker có khả năng combo chết ngay, Rylai không thể kháng cự dù chỉ 1s

Các chaser tốt

Là các hero có khả năng controlane tốt, và có khả năng combo với Rylai như

Nuker có skill nuke khỏe

Initiator bậc nhất DotA được chắp cánh nhờ Briliance Aura

Các hero có khả năng push tốt nhưng thường gặp phải vấn đề mana

Với aura thì Lycan có thể summon liên tục để farm tốt hơn

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