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Đề Xuất 5/2023 # 50 Words That Start With Z – Definitions &Amp; Examples # Top 8 Like

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Do you want to create a zesty meal from scratch? Do you want to become a zany person? Or are you planning to take a trip to your local zoo? If you want to do any of these things, you’ll need to use words that start with Z!

This may sound easy enough, but Z is actually one of the least common letters in the English language. This means that it appears at the beginning of far fewer words than consonants like R, T, or N. Statistically, this also means that both native and non-native speakers are less likely to use or even know words that start with Z. So, to help you expand your vocabulary and learn some new words, we’ve provided you with a master list of 50 words that start with Z. Let’s get started!

50 Words That Start With Z and Definitions

Since you can divide words by meaning, length, and part of speech, we will try to keep this list as simple as possible. First, we will begin with positive words that start with Z. So, if you’re looking for positive ways to describe things with the letter Z, keep reading!

Positive words that start with Z

Using positive words is a great way to make friends and generally keep everyone happy! However, since it is one of the least common letters in the alphabet, there simply aren’t that many positive words that start with Z. Nonetheless, here are a few words that you can sprinkle into your next English conversation to keep things light and friendly!



– Amusingly unusual or uncommon in behavior or appearance.

My sister entertains her classmates with her zany personality.



– Passionate or enthusiastic.

I’ve always been zealous in my studies.



–  Exciting and full of energy (describing people); having a strong, spicy, or pleasant flavor (describing food).

My favorite meal is a zesty chicken curry.



– Having a lot of energy or enthusiasm.

I returned home to a zestful greeting from my dog.



– Fast or lively.

The zippy little car sped through traffic with ease.

Now that you know a few positive words that start with Z, let’s look at even more words that begin with the last letter of the alphabet! 

Words that start with Za

To keep things easy, we will organize the remainder of this list based on the vowels that follow the letter Z. Each section will contain words that start with Z and a particular vowel. Additionally, each section will begin with 3 letter words that start with Z, going on to 4 letter words that start with Z, 5 letter words that start with Z, and so on!



– A quick change of direction; to make a quick change of direction.

The cyclist zagged all over the sidewalk.



– A sudden burst of energy; to completely destroy.

The gamer used his gun to zap all the enemies in his view.



– A metal holder for a coffee cup that does not have a handle.

I bought my mother an ornamental zarf for Christmas.



– full of energy.

The musical troupe put on a zappy performance.

The clown zanily slipped on a banana peel.



– A remote control; a device for killing insects.

He installed the bug zapper on the front porch to kill all the mosquitos. 

Words that start with Ze

Next up, we have some useful words that start with Ze!



– A Japanese school of Buddhism; calmness and tranquility.

I’ve been feeling very Zen lately.



– Enthusiasm regarding a specific goal.

His zeal helped him climb the corporate ladder.



– no quantity; focus on a target.

The supermarket had zero watermelons in stock.



– A black-and-white striped horse native to Africa.

A lion chased the zebra across the savannah.



– The high point or peak of something.

The business reached its zenith years ago.



– A person who is fanatical about their religious or political beliefs.

The religious zealot yelled at passersby.



– A kitchen utensil for peeling off small shreds of citrus peel.

I need to buy a zester to use with all of these oranges.

She zestily hurried through the streets.



– A fanatical pursuit of religious or political beliefs.

The politician’s zealotry proved to be popular with rural voters.



– Lacking any zest or liveliness.

The dish he served was completely zestless.



– A freshwater fish native to South Asia.

We saw a school of zebrafish when we went snorkeling.



– The general mood of a period of history based on the prevailing beliefs at the time. 

The zeitgeist of the 2010s was one of political division.



– The state of being zesty.

My food had a peculiar zestiness that I found appealing.



– The state of being passionately devoted to something.

The court’s zealousness for law and order had long-lasting consequences.

Words that start with Zi

Now it’s time to look at words that start with Zi!



– A sharp change in direction; to make a sudden change in direction.

He zigged past the other driver.



– To close using a zipper; to move quickly.

The man at the airport struggled to zip his bag shut.



– A pimple.

I always get zits when I’m stressed out.



– An essential mineral found in nature.

My doctor says that I need more zinc in my diet.



– Energy and excitement; to move very quickly.

The couple wanted to add a bit more zing to their marriage.



– Nothing.

He was left with zilch after his divorce.



– A line that alternates left and right; to move back and forth quickly.

He zigzagged through traffic to get to the meeting on time.



– A funny joke or insult.

The woman was keeping everyone entertained with a series of zingers.



– An extremely large quantity.

I have a zillion things to do today.



– A device used to close or open bags, clothing, or other items.

The zipper on my jacket broke a week after I bought it.

Words that start with Zo

Up next, we have words that start with Zo!



– A space dedicated to the display of wild or exotic animals.

For my last school trip, we went to the local zoo.



– A specific area of land.

People are required to drive slower in school zones.



– A camera shot that transitions from a long-shot to a close-up; to move quickly.

The camera zoomed in on the man’s face.



– An area of the night sky divided into 12 distinct signs, which are commonly associated with the 12 months of the year.

What’s your zodiac sign?



– A reanimated corpse; the living dead.

I think zombie movies are really scary!



– The act of dividing space into separate areas; related to the legal or official division of land.

The city officials are rewriting the zoning laws.



– The scientific study of animals.

My mother studied zoology in college.



– An old-fashioned device that creates the illusion of moving images.

Before animated movies came along, people used zoetropes. 


– noun – A person who attends to animals at a zoo.

The zookeeper was trained to safely feed the lions.

Words that start with Zu

Our lists are starting to get very short! Now we have just three words that start with Zu!



– A variety of summer squash.

I like to eat fried zucchini, but my sister hates it.



– A language originating in South Africa; a 19th-century African empire.

Today, over nine million people speak some form of Zulu. 

Just when he thought he was about to win, the player found himself in a zugzwang.

Words that start with Zy

Finally, we have just three more words that start with Zy!



– A chemical substance that produces a change in other substances.

Many zymes are found in both humans and animals.



– A fertilized egg cell.

A zygote can eventually become an embryo.

Zymology – The scientific study of fermentation.

Zymology is a subject that focuses on enzymes.


We hope you enjoyed this list of 50 words that start with Z! While some of these words may be tricky to place in everyday conversation, others will make a great addition to your working vocabulary. So, don’t be afraid to feel zealous and get in the zone as you zigzag through your next English conversation! 

As always, for all things English conversation, grammar, or job-related, visit Magoosh Speaking today!

50 Words That Start With Z That Will Zap Your Brain

Oh Z, the last letter of the alphabet. This beautiful little letter actually starts off some pretty spectacular words. Read on to impress your friends with all the words you know that start with the letter Z.


(n) a machine that smoothes the ice in an ice skating rink


(adj) having a full, rounded figure; plump


(adj) amusingly unconventional: tomfoolery


(v) strike suddenly, with force


(n) an ornamental metal cup-shaped holder for coffee


(n) popular in the 1900s, it is a women’s loose ringlet of hair worn over one shoulder


(n) an isolated sandy cave in a coastal cliff


(adj) 1960s slang for something flashy or colorful


(n) a feeling of strong eagerness


(n) excessive and uncompromising intolerance of opposing views


(adj) Active interest and enthusiasm


(n) main pigment in yellow indian corn


(n) an animal characterized by black and white stripes


(n) a domesticated ox having a hump back and long horns


(n) excessive jealousy


(n) blind mole-rat


(n) a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll filled with meats and cheeses


(n) a slight, usually refreshing wind


(n) a large doughnut


(adj) vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment


(n) a figure of speech in which a word applies to two others in different senses


(n) an old Australian slang word for beard


(n) a colorless alcoholic drink made from raisins


(n) an antiviral drug used in the treatment of AIDS


(n) a line or course having abrupt alternate right and left turns


(n) a quantity of no importance


(number) a very large indefinite number


(n) the activeness of an energetic personality


(n) a striking or caustic remark


(adj) quick and energetic


(n) a white crystalline oxide


(n) a musical stringed instrument


(n) a medium-sized tubular pasta


(n) a whizzing or buzzing sound


(n) a dead body that has been brought back to life by supernatural forces


(n) a circumscribed geographical region


(adj) part of mythology, gods/mythical beings with the head of an animal


(n) an artist that specializes in drawing animals


(n) the fossil of an animal


(n) a disease that can be transferred from animals to humans


(adj) feeding on other animals


(n) fear of animals


(n) a sandal attached to the foot by a thing over the toes



(adj) grumpy or ill-natured, can be traced back to old English dialect


(n) a soup or chowder


(n) a molecule or ion having separate positive and negative charged groups


(n) music of southern Louisiana that combines French dance melodies with Caribbean music


(n) the cell resulting from the union of an ovum and a spermatozoon


(n) the study or practice of fermentation in brewing/winemaking/distilling

410+ Adjectives That Start With O: Positive O Words To Describe Someone, With Definitions And Examples

ovalRounded like an egg The adult carapace is wrinkled and oval shaped.ovarianOf or involving the ovaries Unintended oophorectomy and premature ovarian failure.ovateOf a leaf shape; egg-shaped with the broader end at the base The aperture is small and ovate.overHaving come or been brought to a conclusion He completed over 20 other wordless novels in his career.over-the-counterIndicating opposition or resistance He was responsible for counter sabotage and counterespionage.overabundantExcessively abundant The overabundant and unreliable list of post grunge bands article was deleted.overactiveMore active than normal Hyperkinesis is a state of overactive restlessness in children.overageToo old to be useful- anthony trollope This fee for the extra minutes is called overage fees or overage charges.overagedToo old to be useful- anthony trollope The alloy is solution treated and overaged to provide a suitable precipitate.overallIncluding everything Consider the overall welfare of the projectoverambitiousExcessively ambitious The ace project was overambitious.overanxiousAnxious or nervous to an excessive degree I think i got a bit overanxious here.overarmWith hand brought forward and down from above shoulder level An occasional bowler of lobs, he sometimes switched to quick overarm deliveries.overbearingHaving or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy In the process, she also learns edna’s overbearing ways.overblownPuffed up with vanity- newsweek It’s gone from underweight to, arguably, overblown in a few months.overboldImproperly forward or bold I also used overbold language in response to one of your posts over there.overburdenedHeavily burdened with work or cares The article will not be overburdened.overbusyToo busyovercarefulExcessively or unduly carefulovercastFilled or abounding with clouds The sky was overcast and misty and it was very cold.overcautiousUnnecessarily cautious And better overcautious with references than not cautious enough.overconfidentMarked by excessive confidence She has the tendency to be overconfident in her powers.overcredulousToo credulous for your own goodovercriticalInclined to judge too severely I apologize for becoming overcritical of your effort.overcuriousShowing excessive curiosityoverdelicateExtremely delicateoverdressedDressed too elaborately The jacket and tie is very easy to set aside if you feel overdressed.overduePast due; not paid at the scheduled time By the 1950s, the building was mostly vacant and overdue for rehabilitation.overeagerExcessively eager It all comes across to me as an overeager book report.overemotionalExcessively or abnormally emotional It is the overemotional and man crazy men who have messed up american history.overenthusiasticUnduly enthusiastic He was overenthusiastic and he jumped the gun.overexcitedUnduly excited Overexcited quick hands please chill out.overfamiliarTaking undue libertiesoverfedToo well nourished Overfed fish can sometimes be recognized by feces trailing from their cloaca.overfondExcessively fondoverfullExceeding demand The parent category isn’t overfull.overgenerousVery generous I think in all honesty that the b rating is overgenerous.overgreedyExcessively gluttonousovergrownCovered with growing plants Over time, the grove became overgrown and the spring became fetid.overhandWith hand brought forward and down from above shoulder level The double overhand knot is the opened equivalent of the cinquefoil knot.overhandedWith hand brought forward and down from above shoulder level Darts may be thrown overhanded, underhanded or both depending on league rules.overhastyDone with very great haste and without due deliberation- shakespeare- arthur geddes He declared, that, if he should be overhasty, he would most assuredly ruin every thing.overheadLocated or originating from above The white flag fluttered overhead.overheatedHeated beyond a safe or desirable point The overheated description of the commercial itself is also rubbish.overindulgentExcessively indulgent Massie’s overindulgent and also very wealthy parents.overjealousSuspicious or unduly suspicious or fearful of being displaced by a rival I have had my mention an copyright free picture deleted by an overjealous user.overjoyedExtremely joyful Prithviraj was overjoyed on getting this letter.overladenLoaded past capacity An article should not be overladen with images.overlandTraveling or passing over land It eliminated the need for overland travel.overlargeExcessively large It was split out simply to reduce the size of this overlarge article.overlyingPlaced on or over something else It’s the overlying theme, after all.overmodestAffectedly modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way It’s not uncommon for academic biographies to be overmodest and insufficient.overmuchVery great in quantity; overabundant I don’t really care overmuch about that.overniceExcessively fastidious and easily disgustedovernightLasting, open, or operating through the whole night The rush ended the depression overnight for seattle.overpricedToo costly for the value The bid was felt by many to be overpriced.overprotectiveOverly protective My boy here’s a little overprotective.overproudExcessively proudoverrefinedExcessively delicate or refinedoverripeToo ripe and beginning to turn soft It seems like the irony is getting a little overripe.overseaBeing or passing over or across the sea Most of the oversea businesses are automobile trading.overseasBeing or passing over or across the sea The success of the three clubs took the business overseas.oversensitiveUnduly sensitive or thin-skinned Perhaps i am a bit oversensitive.overseriousExcessively seriousoversewnSewn together with overhand stitches (close vertical stitches that pass over and draw the two edges together)oversexedHaving excessive sexual desire or appeal Grandma is an oversexed man chaser who falls head over heels for the olf.overshotHaving an upper part projecting beyond the lower There was an internal overshot wheel.oversizeLarger than normal for its kind The oversize images should be rectified.oversizedLarger than normal for its kind The article is indeed oversized and badly organised.oversolicitousExcessively solicitousoverstrungToo tightly strungoverstuffedUpholstered thickly and deeply Home furnishing was not necessarily ornate or overstuffed.oversubscribedSold in excess of available supply especially season tickets The initial stock placement was heavily oversubscribed.oversuspiciousUnduly suspicious I’m at a loss, and probably oversuspicious.overtOpen and observable; not secret or hidden Your overt hostility is unwarranted and unappreciated.overvaliantHaving or showing undue valor or boldnessoverweeningPresumptuously arrogant- s.v.benet- ny times What might seem like overweening ambition is actually a patriotic chore.overweightUsually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it For instance, the people in the strips were often overweight.overwhelmingSo strong as to be irresistible That was the overwhelming vibe.overwroughtDeeply agitated especially from emotion I think some of the indignation displayed by others was overwrought.overzealousMarked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea Perhaps you are just overzealous.oviformRounded like an eggovineOf or pertaining to or of the nature of or characteristic of a sheep or sheep It has polar fimbriae and is the causative agent of ovine foot rot.oviparousEgg-laying Most of these species are oviparous.ovoidRounded like an egg The olives are of medium weight, ovoid shape and asymmetrical.ovoviviparousProducing living young from eggs that hatch within the body Fish in the subfamily anablepinae are ovoviviparous.

Definition Of Strong By Merriam


an athlete with strong muscles

He’s as strong as an ox.

The table should be strong enough to survive the trip.

The builder added supports to make the walls stronger.

He’ll return to work when he’s feeling a little stronger.

Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective

The study found that being fully vaccinated with one of the mRNA vaccines provides people with a strong and broad response.

Sarah Braner And Lauren Mascarenhas, CNN, 4 Aug. 2021

SpaceShipTwo needed to be supple enough to break the sound barrier, light enough to reach space, strong enough to avoid breaking up on reëntry, and tough enough to make the journey once a week for years.

Anna Russel, The New Yorker, 3 Aug. 2021

But in this scenario, being strong and wrong comes with swift and serious consequences, which means more financial opportunities being snatched away at will.

Ineye Komonibo, chúng tôi 3 Aug. 2021

This is a country where mental health problems are stigmatized, where athletes are supposed to be strong and stoical, and where support and counseling is often unavailable, experts say.

Washington Post, 31 July 2021

Remember, even though there is no threat of a tsunami affecting California, there will be strong and unusual currents today, especially in local harbors.

Los Angeles Times, 29 July 2021

While some studies have concluded that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine stimulates strong and persistent antibodies against delta, a new report found that antibodies elicited by one shot may not be enough to neutralize delta.

Liz Szabo, Quartz, 29 July 2021

All of these events are touched by jet streams, strong and narrow bands of westerly winds blowing above the Earth’s surface.

Paul Douglas, Star Tribune, 28 July 2021

At the Olympics, the world’s biggest stage, Simone Biles was strong enough, brave enough and feminist enough to say, no more.

NBC News, 28 July 2021

Recent Examples on the Web: Adverb

Hollywood’s current reigning red carpet PDA-forward couple is going strong more than one year later.

Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY, 22 July 2021

That the experienced trio of Jan Vertonghen, Thomas Vermaelen and Toby Alderweireld will make up a strong-looking central defense.

Tim Bielik, cleveland, 21 June 2021

After picking up a pair of victories and one no-decision in three career starts, Poteet ended up taking his first loss despite starting strong on Friday.

Doug Alden, chúng tôi 29 May 2021

These days Ultraman is in the midst of a revival, headlining the #1 anime series on Netflix NFLX , a strong-selling comic from Marvel, dozens of licensed products, and a slew of new media on the way.

Rob Salkowitz, Forbes, 27 May 2021

Ground-dwelling birds, for instance, often have shorter life spans than strong-winged, tree-nesting species, which are less susceptible to predators.

New York Times, 28 Apr. 2021

Brandon Woodruff, Corbin Burnes and Peralta have strong-armed the Brewers to a seven-game lead in the NL Central.

Gabe Lacques, USA TODAY, 5 July 2021

So far, investors seem pleased: Share prices of many oil companies are going strong compared to the beginning of the year, and the energy sector is by far the best-performing slice of the S&P 500, jumping 44% in the last six months.

Tim Mcdonnell, Quartz, 2 July 2021

The strong-browed, masculine design embodies McQueen’s quietly commanding attitude.

Kareem Rashed, Robb Report, 12 Apr. 2021

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘strong.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback.

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