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Đề Xuất 1/2023 # Designating A Header Row In Word – Best Practices In Accessible Online Design # Top 6 Like

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Designating a header row in Word

Heather Caprette

Tables can be used to layout information that has a two way relationship, or tabular data. Information that has a two-way relationship is found in grading rubrics, evaluation information and course schedules.

In HTML, header table cells are read by a screen reader before a corresponding data cell to tell the user what the data is and give it meaning. In HTML, a screen reader will read both column headers and row headers. The column headers are in the rows above the data columns. A row header would be found in a column on the far left typically. In a rubric table layout, a column header cell might read as “exemplary performance” and the data cell under it would read, “makes an original post and replies to at least two classmates in the discussion.” The row header for this may read as “participation.” An example of this is below.

Discussion Rubric

Criteria Exemplary Performance Satisfactory Performance Needs Improvement

Participation Makes an original post and replies to at least two other classmates in the discussion. Makes an original post and replies to one other classmate in the discussion. Makes an original post but doesn’t reply to others within the discussion.

Relevance The posting directly addresses key issues, questions, or problems related to the text and the discussion activity. The posing applies course concepts well. The posting addresses key issues, questions, or problems related to the text and the discussion activity, but in some cases, only indirectly. It does not always apply course concepts fully. The posting does not directly address the question or problem posed by the discussion activity.

Insight The posting offers original or thoughtful insight, analysis, or observation that demonstrates a strong grasp of concepts and ideas pertaining to the discussion topic. The posting does offer some insight, analysis, or observation to the topic but may not demonstrate a full understanding or knowledge of concepts and ideas pertaining to the discussion topic. The posting does not offer any significant insight, analysis, or observation related to the topic. No knowledge or understanding is demonstrated regarding concepts and ideas pertaining to the discussion topic.

Support The posting supports all claims and opinions with either rational argument or evidence. The posting generally supports claims and opinions with evidence or argument, but may leave some gaps where unsupported opinions still appear. The posting does not support its claims with either evidence or argument. The posting contains largely unsupported opinion.

In the Row tab, check the box next to “Repeat as a header row across the top of each page.” See a screen shot of this option outlined in a thick red box below.

With table setup, it’s best to keep tables simple. Avoid blank cells if possible and merged cells. Screen readers read linearly, from left to right and top to bottom, row by row. It helps to keep this in mind when setting up a Word table.

Listen to the movie tutorial on how to format a simple table, with closed captioning (opens in new tab)

Also, avoid combining information that should be spread across more than one table. If you merge and/or color cells to create a visual separation from different content, JAWS may not read the information in an order that makes sense to a screen reader user. The following example is from a real table setup I’ve seen in a course. It’s one table that combines what should have been an “Evaluation Methods” table and a separate “Grading Scale” table.

Listen to JAWS reading tables which never should have been merged.

How To Hide Table Styles On The Table Tools Design Tab In Word (For Developers)

How to hide table styles on the Table Tools Design tab in Word (for developers)

The problem: does anyone need 99 ways to format a table?

The Design tab includes the Table Styles group. This gives you, out of the box, 99 table styles from which to choose.

Having applied one of the 99 styles, the user can then choose whether or not to show banded columns, banded rows, header or total rows and so on.

In a corporate environment, the communications people would tear their hair out if users formatted tables in 99 different ways. A corporate environment is likely to have 2 or 3 ‘approved’ ways to format a table.

The solution: hide most, if not all, of the built-in table styles

Well-constructed templates for corporate use are likely to have 2 or 3 custom table styles that fit the corporate branding. Or, the in-house rules may be that 2 or 3 of the built-in styles are to be used, but the rest are off limits.

There is no way in the user interface to hide the built-in table styles.

But you can do it in code. Something like this will do the trick:

Sub HideATableStyle() With ActiveDocument.Styles(Word.wdStyleTableLightShading) .Visibility = True ' Yes, True. .UnhideWhenUsed = False End With End Sub

If you’re creating a template for corporate use, it may be appropriate to hide most of the built-in table styles in the template. Leave the approved custom or built-in table styles visible. Users can then easily apply the corporate-approved table styles when working on documents based on that template.

Sub HideATableStyleButMakeItVisibleWhenUsed() With ActiveDocument.Styles(Word.wdStyleTableLightShading) .Visibility = True ' Yes, True. .UnhideWhenUsed = True End With End Sub

Word 2013 &Amp; 2022 – Table ‘Repeat Header Row’ Not Working

Formatting documents in Word can be extremely frustrating.

Often Word completely disregards the ‘repeat header row’ setting – leaving you with a table that just doesn’t behave.

Sometimes, no matter what options are selected the ‘Repeat as header row at top of each page’ option doesn’t work as expected, if at all.

The solution is simple, and quite baffling why it works where the other option does not.

Select the table,

at the top of the Window, under under ‘TABLE TOOLS’ open the ‘LAYOUT’ tab,

For whatever reason, where the normal option fails to work this button some how fixes the table and makes the header row repeat across pages.

Help! What if this didn’t work!

Here’s a few tips if the above didn’t help.

Method 1: Text wrapping must be set to ‘None’

Repeatable headers DO NOT work with text wrapping enabled.

On the ‘Table’ tab set ‘Text Wrapping’ to ‘None’

Method 2: Page breaks must NOT be in table

If a page break is inside the table repeatable headers will not work.

To check for page breaks:

Enable the display formatting option on the ‘Home’ tab, under ‘Paragraph’

Look through the table for a page break and delete it, if there is one it will be at the bottom of the page (hence being a page break). You may also need to delete an empty line to join your table together again.

If you need the table to page break you will instead have to enable ‘Page break before’ on the table row. 

Method 3: Nested tables

Repeatable header rows will not work for nested tables, that is, a table inside a table – make sure you only have one table.

Method 4: Turn it off and on again!

Open the table properties

Disable ‘Repeat as header row at top of each page’

Save and close the file

Open the file again

Enable ‘Repeat as header row at top of each page’


Sat Vocabulary List: 3000 Words And Practice

3000 Common SAT Vocabulary List is a middle level words list for test takers to warm up known words and learn new words. Usually students need three or more months to finish it. If you are aiming to good rank universities, the list is a solid start point to challenge harder SAT vocabularies.

If you want to have a better SAT score, you have to own a strong SAT vocabulary that impacts all test modules. It means that you will spend more time on studying SAT words. If you schedule 3 months or more, this list is a good candidate. Try some contents quickly, you can know if it matches with your current vocabulary level and helps to up vocabulary skill in efficient.

Last but not least, SAT Official Website is a right place to solve problems related to SAT test. Any doubts or questions about SAT vocabulary may hurt your preparing and even final score, don’t hesitate to get there and clarify them.

2 Alternative SAT vocabularies:

We know one words list cannot cover all SAT test takers’ requirements. If you think 3000 Common SAT Vocabulary List doesn’t match with your circumstance, please try any alternative lists of the web site. (You can also look for other SAT words list from Internet.) Here we introduce some other SAT vocabularies of the web site.

If you are serious to prepare SAT test, any smaller or easier words list shouldn’t be an option unless you use it as supplement. For example, if you are trying to challenge high score, Difficult Words with Meaning and Sentence is a better choice to learn more new difficult words.

Another 2 vocabularies are deserved to recommend too. As supplements of 3000 common SAT vocabulary list, they are very useful to enhance reading and writing words respectively, especially for high score hunters.

3 PDF and Ebook of SAT words:

Some students use PDF files to study English words. We did publish some PDF files of this SAT vocabulary list. However, if you aren’t VIP, or your mother language isn’t Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, or Chinese, possibly you cannot download what you need. If so, you still have two ways to make own PDF files based on the SAT vocabulary list.

We provide a free web app to help you customize PDF through vocabularies, which can be directly run from Print Vocabulary in PDF RTF. It can load all vocabularies of this web site; ‘3000 Common SAT Vocabulary List’ is one of them. The app can actually produce both PDF and RTF files.

Because our PDF maker doesn’t support all languages, if your contents include non-English characters, these characters may be missed in final PDF file. If you plan to include non-English definitions, we suggest to follow Download SAT Vocabulary PDF. It’s easy to get free Internet PDF makers to support your mother language, by which you can produce PDF files of this SAT vocabulary list on demand.

Some people used to learn new words by Ebook, but we didn’t publish Ebook of this SAT words list. For those who are looking for Ebook of ‘3000 Common SAT Vocabulary List’, we recommend two other Ebooks. The basic level SAT 1200 Words in 30 Days is easy to start. You can get it from Apple iBook, Google Books, Amazon Kindle, or other stores.

Another Ebook SAT 4000 Words is larger and closer to ‘3000 Common SAT Vocabulary List’. It deserves to have a try if you are looking for an Ebook to replace this vocabulary. You can get it fromAmazon Kindle or other Ebook distributors.

Go to Word List by Group:

Select Vocabulary Group:

Words of Group 15 (Part of words, select list to view all.):

5 Demonstrate word list style:

abase: v. Syn. lower; humiliate humiliate; lower or depress in rank or esteem

abdomen: n. belly, or that part of the body between the thorax and the pelvis

abet: v. Syn. encourage aid, usually in doing something wrong; encourage

abject: a. Syn. wretched being of the most miserable kind; wretched; lacking pride; brought low in condition or status

ablution: n. washing or cleansing of the body, especially as part of religious rite

abnormal: a. Syn. anomalous; unusual unusual; not typical; not normal

6 Word meaning matching – Test words you know:

7 Interactive spelling – Check your spelling skill online:

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