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Đề Xuất 12/2022 # How To Roll In Dota 2 / 2023 # Top 13 Like

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Although Dota 2 is a very popular game worldwide and millions of people play it every day, there are many functions that not many know about and understand. One of them is Roll. It is a command, entering which the player receives a random number from 0 to 100. It does not influence the game itself. But you can use it for different goals:

When can you use the roll in Dota 2?

1. Argue for the position.

Sometimes there is a dispute about the lanes. At the beginning of the match, when two or more players choose an icon of the mid lane and do not know how to decide who will go there, they can initiate Roll. This is the easiest way to resolve the conflict. To resolve a dispute they can all use the command. And the player, who gets the highest number, wins and can go to the chosen lane. Accept defeat, if you lost your roll and do not try to take the lane in any way. It will be unfair and everybody in your team wants one thing – to win the game.

2. To mock your enemy.

Roll is not used in other cases, maybe just in mems. There are sometimes situations when a player says: “If I get 100, I will leave the game”. And then he gets this number and really leaves the game. There are some proofs of such comic situations on the internet.

How to make Roll in Dota 2?

It is possible to make a roll with a command. You need to activate it in a general or team chat. You can do it the next way:

· While in a match, you need to open a chat, using Shift+Enter · Enter “/roll” · After that you can get a random number

Take into account that the number can be more than 100 if you use “/roll 1-2000”. Any number can be received up to the indicated number. The above numbers are not taken into account.

How to win Roll in Dota 2

It is impossible to win Roll in Dota 2. It is not controlled by players. But there may be one cheating way, only in case you are playing with a careless person. You can write “/roll 100-100”. Only with this value, you can win. Take in mind, that this will work out only with the inattention of your teammate. This is the only possible way, and there are no others.

How Flip in Dota 2

Here is a little additional tip for you. Whenever you want to go 1 on 1 with a player and decide literally anything, you can use the flip. Keep in mind, you can use it in the private lobby only.

How To Report Players In Dota 2 :: Dota 2 General Discussions / 2023

Some users on Dota 2 community discussions have misconceptions about how the report system works. Here is a guide on how to use the report feature and other relevant information about the report system.

How can I report someone?

Only the players who have been in the match with an offending player can report them.No-one on the forums can report anyone for you, even if someone else searches the player profile in the Dota 2 client. This is done to prevent abuse.

Communication Abuse

Cheating or MMR Abuse

Disruptive Gameplay

Extra: Avoid player – experimental feature (For Dota+/BattlePass users, does not consume a report submission)

Notes: *Report system is automated and will automatically issue punishments when a certain quota of incoming reports is reached on the account.*Each Dota 2 player can issue 3 reports per week. Players with a high behaviour score (+-10,000 points) can use a minimum of 5 reports weekly. *Your successful reports get refunded to you to use again (if the player you reported gets punished).*If a party of 2 to 5 players report you, it will count as 1 report towards your punishment. This is done to prevent abuse.*You cannot report other players in a Low Priority (LP) match.


Please avoid doing the following:

Posting players match ID’s and friend ID’s on the Steam Discussions.

Asking other users to report players for you.

Reporting players on their Steam profiles for Dota2 offenses.

Report system is very functional and powerful if used correctly. Any reports outside the Dota 2 client do not lead to any kind of Dota 2 punishments.Posting ‘ban’ and ‘report requests’ on this Dota 2 forums others may see negatively and you can end up reported for Naming and shaming.

The report system is ever evolving and adjusted. This thread serves as the most information in one place and we will try to update it as soon as any new information comes out.

In the meantime, here are some useful links where you can find more information:

Thank you for reading. If you have any more questions about reporting abusive players, please ask them on this forum and the community will be more than glad to help you!

Dazzle Build Guide Dota 2: How To Play Dazzle / 2023


This is the tenth guide I’ve ever created and I wanted to start with a short introduction about myself and the hero featured in this guide, Dazzle, one of the strongest lane supports and harasser!

I’ve been the Community Manager of DOTAFire since March 4th, 2014 and I’ve started playing Warcraft III’s DotA map back in 2007. In 2012 I’ve joined DOTAFire and a month later I’ve received a Steam invitation to play DotA 2 BETA, at the time you needed an invitation to play so I had to wait for a while to get one. 😀

Right now I have over 4.000 hours played and I’m trying my best to climb up my MMR, currently sitting at about 5.000 MMR. I’ve used to play competitively years ago in some amateur 6.000 – 7.000 MMR teams and didn’t focus too much on ranked matchmaking at the time, so hopefully, whenever I have the chance to play I’ll be able to improve more!

Let’s talk a little bit about Dazzle, his role and when to pick him. Well, Dazzle has proven to be this patch and the previous patches one of the strongest supports in the game. He can heal his allies, easily shove lanes, harass his lane enemies and decrease the armor of his foes around him. I have to say that I’ve had a lot of fun and success playing him recently, gaining plenty of commends while doing so!

Since Dazzle excels on any lane, you should feel safe to pick him anywhere during the picking phase. If you’re confident and you wish to give your teammates some extra time to think their picks, you can pick him first without worries. However, there are a few heroes that can strongly counter you, such as Axe and Ancient Apparition, in which cases you’re going to have to play more carefully than usual and play better in the laning stage to secure an easier situation. In conclusion, Dazzle should be a safe pick in any situation, considering he’s got everything a support needs and he’s strong at every stage of the game.

We’re going to talk more about what’s Dazzle role at each stage of the game in the fourth chapter of the guide “Game Play”, till then let’s discuss his strengths and weaknesses and skill and item build.

Pros & Cons

When to pick Dazzle?

Think well about your strategy starting with the picking phase! The right pick and decision can decide the outcome of the match!

Skill & Item Build

Since all of Dazzle’s abilities are strong, we must have a point in each of them in the early game to suit every situation. Most players tend to ignore Shaddow Grave early on, but I’ve found it to be really useful in many situations when my lane partner is in danger. Also, it’s great to have it early in case your teammates are getting dived and they need some extra time to survive.

The first ability we’re going to max out is Shadow Wave, since each level decreases its cooldown and increases the heal and max targets that it affects. It’s important to have low cooldown and higher number of targets because this way you can use it efficiently in fights. This is also the ability that makes Dazzle a strong lane pusher in comparison to other supports.

The last skills we’re going to focus on are of course Shallow Grave and Bad Juju. The early point in Shallow Grave is more than enough in the early stages of the game, but as the game progresses, having points in Shallow Grave is important because it greatly reduces its cooldown and increases its range. Of course, concerning the ultimate, Bad Juju, we’re going to level it up whenever we have the chance. Bad Juju is one of my favourites, you basically have to spam abilities and the armor of your enemies just melts, poof!

Alright, let’s see what we’ve got for talents!

At level 10 we have to pick between +50 Damage and +1.75 Mana Regen. Since Dazzle greatly reduces the armor of his enemies, the damage could be an option in some situations. However, since you must always have enough mana to use your abilities and spam Healing Wave in fights, the bonus mana regen should be better in most situations.

At level 15 we have to choose between +150 Cast Range and 35 Attack Speed. You don’t really need the bonus attack speed, I would say the cast range is a very easy pick here. It makes your abilities way stronger, especially your Shallow Grave

At level 20 we have two interesting options, but it’s pretty clear what we’re going to go for. We have to pick between +36 Poison Touch DPS and +30 Movement Speed. Damage also sounds so good and something makes me want to pick it, but it’s really underwhelming to have as a talent at level 20. Once you’re level 20 as Dazzle, it’s very likely that most of your enemies will already have ways to purge off effects and also magic immunity. I would rather pick the +30 Movement Speed because it helps Dazzle at all times and it greatly increases his mobility. Having the extra damage is useless if enemies have Black King Bars and other ways of mitigating Poison Touch’s effects.

For level 25 we have the same situation as level 20. We have to choose between -32% Poison Touch Slow and +0.5 Bad Juju Armor Reduction. Since Bad Juju is a passive effect and it also greatly boosts the physical damage output of your team, I would go for this talent instead of the slow. However, feel free to pick any talent you like, it’s all about preference in the end!

Let’s begin with the starting items:

The item that can win games, the Observer Ward. Always pick it up at the beginning of the match and place it in a spot that can help your lane or your mid player. Usually I place it where it can scout one of the runes while also providing vision for my carry and mid player, it’s important for them to be safe. Don’t forget that wards can also be used offensively, if your teammates are safe enough and you’re confident you can get something done, feel free to plant them in the enemy territory. Also, try to find spots that aren’t too obvious, it’s important not to get your wards removed. Besides losing vision, your enemy is also earning gold for the ward kill.

That’s everything to say about the starting items, let’s discuss further the core items:

The faster you can get this item, the stronger impact it will have. Decreases the armor of an unlucky enemy target while increasing your mana regeneration. Synergizes well with your ultimate. However, if your team doesn’t rely that much on physical damage, you can skip this item. Can be upgraded later into Solar Crest.

That’s all about the core items, let’s move on to the situational picks:

And to sum it up, let’s talk about the luxury items that are mostly bought in the late game:

Rarely seen because it’s very expensive, the Scythe of Vyse is a great boost to mana and mana regen while providing a strong 3.5 seconds disable. Always great to have but takes time to save gold for. The +180 Gold/Min talent will usually be the mean to get this item.

Game Play

We’ve already discussed a little bit about what Dazzle is supposed to do, but we’re going to go in a bit more detail here about each stage of the game and what you should be looking for.

In the mid game and late game your purpose is quite the same. The most important aspect is positioning yourself right in team fights. You should be close to your team but in the same time in a position safe from the enemy team. Getting stunned, silenced or picked off before the fight begins will deal a great blow to your team. The more you survive in a fight, the more you’ll be able to heal your teammates and reduce the armor of your opponents. Always pay attention in fight to the health of your teammates and heal them whenever Shadow Wave is off cooldown. Be careful who you are going to Shallow Grave and always make sure it is off cooldown and ready to be cast for every team fight. Some times you might get focused and you will feel the need to grave yourself to be extra safe, but try to be careful because you might not die and afterwards you won’t have grave to immediately save your team. Positioning and decision making is key for Dazzle! You shouldn’t have mana issues, but if you’re good on mana you can use Shadow Wave and Poison Touch as much as possible in fights to apply pressure and keep your team alive. However, if your mana is limited at that specific moment, try to focus on healing and using Shallow Grave at the right time.

Always play with your team and for your team! Maintain map vision and control, only fight when the odds are in your favor, get objectives and don’t waste time, sacrifice yourself for your cores and for the better outcome of the fights, play smart and have fun!

Thank you for reading!

Thanks you for reading and please let me know what if you have any question or suggestion!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tenth guide and I’ll make sure to keep this guide updated as soon as the patches are released.

Good luck and enjoy dazzling! 😀

How To Level Up Your Dota Battle Pass / 2023

Valve’s new Dota 2 Battle Pass for The International 10 is already breaking records in sales. Check out how you can level up and claim the new special rewards.

By Anna-Janina Stoehr

There is a plethora of new items, rewards, features and quests in the new Battle Pass. We broke down the basic methods on how to gain levels and unlock the new content – which includes three new Arcanas and two Personas.

The most content a Battle Pass ever had

Usually, the highlight of any Battle Pass used to be the special Arcana specifically designed for one hero. An Arcana is a special skin that comes with particle effects, animations, icons, sounds and new lore. Valve surprised their fans this year by not just including one Arcana in the Battle Pass, but three different ones: for Wraith King, Queen of Pain and Windranger.

On top of that the Battle Pass includes two new Personas which are equally exciting. A Persona is also a skin, but it’s an alternative version of the hero. The only Persona so far has been Young Invoker which portrayed the mage as a child. Now the Battle Pass offers two more Personas at once: a female version of Anti-Mage, as well as the butcher Pudge as stuffed toy plush.

Get your Battle Pass started

Once you’ve purchased your Battle Pass, you have access to your level progress bar which shows all rewards at each level. You can claim the gifts once you’ve reached the corresponding level. Tip: don’t just buy the Battle Pass for yourself, gather some friends and gift it to each other. This will not only give you a nice title in your profile to show off but also earn you extra points and levels!

The level bar is basically endless, but the last interesting reward comes at level 2,000. When unlocked, the player receives a Roshan statue in real-life.

There are more possibilities than ever before to gain levels. The easy way: you can simply buy levels with real money. The fun way: complete challenges, quests, guild contracts and more!

No matter if you choose a Cavern quest for a game or play something else, you can always wager and place tokens at the beginning of a match. If you win, you earn additional level points.

A new world record in esports?

No matter if you are a Dota fan or not: if you know esports, you know The International (TI) because of its insanely high prize pool. Last year, it boasted a total of $34,330,068 – thanks to the Battle Pass.

Traditionally, 25% of all earnings made from the Battle Pass go towards the TI prize pool. Each year, the community outdoes itself and establishes a new world record for the highest esports prize pool. Within only three days since its release, the $10 million mark has nearly been breached. If the trend continues, the Dota community might reach the milestone of $40 million.

First 24 Hours – TI9 shattered pretty much every record but somehow the Dota community manages to shatter even that crazy record with another new one. ABSOLUTE BONKERS!! #TI10 #Dota2 chúng tôi Wykrhm Reddy (@wykrhm) May 26, 2020

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