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Đề Xuất 5/2023 # Positive Adjectives That Start With C # Top 5 Like

Cập nhật nội dung chi tiết về Positive Adjectives That Start With C mới nhất trên website Beiqthatgioi.com. Hy vọng thông tin trong bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu ngoài mong đợi của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ làm việc thường xuyên để cập nhật nội dung mới nhằm giúp bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất.

Capital list of cozy and cheerful positive adjectives is waiting for you. Be calm and chug-a-lug these candid and candylicious positive words.


Cagey very clever and/or careful.Calm still; quiet; serene; undisturbed.Calmative having relaxing properties; sedative.Calming causing to become tranquil; tending to calm or soothe.Camp deliberately vulgar, banal, artificial or affectedly humorous style or qualities.Can-do marked by a willingness to get a job done.Candescent glowing with heat; white-hot, incandescent; luminous.Candid openly straightforward and sincere; ingenious.Canny cautious in spending money; frugal; pleasant; fair; skillful; shrewd in business.Canorous musical; richly melodious; resonant; tuneful.Canty lively and brisk; cheerful.Capable have the skills or qualifications to do things well; qualified; able; fully competent.Capital first in importance; chief; principal; of first rate quality; excellent.Cappella music or sung without instrumental accompaniment (especially in choral music).Captivating capable of arousing and holding the attention; beautiful; fascinating.Carefree free of worry, trouble and care.Careful taking care; giving good heed; watchful; cautious; provident; not indifferent, heedless or reckless.Caring exhibiting and feeling concern and empathy for others.Casual coming without regularity; occasional; incidental; fortuitous; accidental.Catchy appealing or attractive; easily or instantly memorable.Categorical absolute; being without exception; not hypothetical; positive.Cathartic emotionally purifying or purging by providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions.Causative producing an effect; expressing a cause or reason; causal.

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. Thomas A. Edison TWEET THIS

Ceaseless enduring; endless; constant; without pause or stop; untiring.Celebrated praised and known widely; renowned; noted.Celeritous swift; speedy; fast.Celestial of or pertaining to the spiritual heaven; heavenly; divine; supremely good; sublime.Centered goal-oriented, well-balanced and self-confident; placed or being in the center.Central greatest in importance, degree, achievement or significance; the inner area; serving as an essential component.Centric central; situated near or at the center.Cerebral involving intelligence rather than instinct or emotions.Ceremonial of or pertaining or appropriate to ceremony.Ceremonious appropriate or relating to formal and grand occasions; punctilious.Certain assured in mind; definite; fixed; having no doubts; inevitable; showing or having confidence; noticeable; perceptible.

Champion holding first place in a contest; excellent; superbly skilled; beyond compare.Changeable capable of change; subject to alteration; mutable; variable; fickle.Changeless that can’t be changed; constant; steadfast.Characteristic being a feature that helps to distinguish something (usually a person); distinctive.Charismatic possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; magnetic.Charitable full of love and generosity; benevolent; kind; lenient.Charming delighting; fascinating; attractive.Chatty fond of chatting or inclined to chat; talkative and friendly.Cheerful having life or vigor or spirit; cheery; contented; happy; joyful; lively; animated; willing.Cheery showing or promoting good spirits or mood; cheerful; pleasant; lively; bright.Cherished highly valued, having a high personal value; characterized by feeling or showing fond affection for.Cherry in excellent condition; mint condition; unused.Chic attractive and fashionable; stylish.Chichi fashionable and trendy; chic.Childlike like or befitting a child, as in being innocent and trustful.Chill easy-going; very relaxed.Chipper cheerful; lively; talkative.Chirpy energetic and happy; lively; talkative; in a good mood.Chiseled having a distinct and clean outline; athletic; statuesque.Chivalrous heroic; gallant; high-spirited; high-minded; magnanimous; having the qualities of an ideal knight.Chock-full full to the limit, packed to full capacity or full as possible.Choice of very fine quality; selected with care; especially good or preferred.Choral performed or written for performance by a chorus or choir; of or pertaining to a chorus or choir.Chosen preferred above all others n. an exclusive individual or group of people.Chummy sociable; companionable; intimate; friendly.

Civic relating to or derived from a city or citizen; relating to man as a member of society.Civil adequate in courtesy and politeness; of or pertaining to or befitting a citizen or citizens.Civilized instructed in arts, learning and civil manners; refined; having a high state of culture and development (social and technological).

Clairvoyant perceiving things beyond the natural range of the senses; able to foresee the future.Classic belonging to the highest rank or class; well-known; having lasting significance or worth; enduring; simple and harmonious; elegant.Classical of recognized excellence or authority; adhering to established standards and principles; of or relating to the most highly developed stage of an earlier culture and its civilization.Classy stylish; elegant; fashionable.Clean free from dirt, impurities or stain; having no imperfections or blemishes; morally pure; virtuous.Clean-cut neat, smart and/or trim in appearance; clearly and distinctly outlined or defined.Clear transparent; bright; light; luminous; unclouded; free from flaws; able or easy to perceive clearly; keen; acute; penetrating; discriminating; complete; full.Clear-cut having a sharp and distinct outline; easily perceptible.Clearheaded not mentally confused; able to think clearly; sensible.Clement mild in temper and disposition; merciful; compassionate.Clerical engaged in or appropriate for office work; of or pertaining to the clergy.Clever possessing quickness of intellect, skill, dexterity or talent; having fitness, propriety or suitableness.Clinquant glittering with gold, silver or tinsel.Close bound by mutual interests, loyalties or affections; intimate; being near; fitting tightly.Cloudless clear; bright; free from clouds.Clubby friendly; sociable; exclusive.Clustered occurring and/or growing close together in clusters or bunches.

I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying. Oscar Wilde TWEET THIS

Crackerjack excellent quality or ability; fine.Crafty dexterous; skillful.Creamy beneficial or profitable; having a smooth and greasy feel; creamlike; soft.Creative expressive; imaginative; productive.Credible reliable; plausible; worthy of belief.Creditable respectable; worthy of belief; bringing reputation, credit or honor.Crisp fresh; firm; sharp; quick and accurate; lively; cheerful.Crucial extremely important or significant; decisive.Crystal (clear) pellucid; absolutely clear or transparent; completely understood.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Albert Einstein TWEET THIS

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. – Albert Einstein TWEET THIS

ps. See also positive verbs starting with c and positive nouns starting with c.

Positive Adjectives That Start With A


À la mode fashionable or stylish; topped with ice-cream.A-OK okay; definitely ok; in good condition or order.A1 excellent; first-class; first-rate; highest possible quality.

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Desmond Tutu TWEET THIS

Aerial light as air; lofty; ethereal; imaginary.Aesthetic of or pertaining the appreciation of beauty, appearance or good taste; artistic.Aesthetical of or pertaining to beauty or aesthetics.

Aged brought to desired maturity or ripeness.Ageless existing forever; eternal; always appearing youthful; never seeming to age.Agile characterized by quickness and lightness in movement; mentally quick; nimble; active.Aglow glowing; radiant.Agreeable pleasing to the mind or senses; pleasant; grateful; prepared to agree; suitable; conformable.

Aholic a person who likes something to excess or feels compulsively need to do something.

Air aerial; unreal or imaginary; of or pertaining to the transmission or broadcast of television or radio signal.Airy lofty; aerial; delicate or light; merry; light-hearted.

Anamnestic aiding the memory.Angelic characterized by utter benignity; befitting or resembling an angel or saint; heavenly; pure; cute.Annual occurring, performed or done every year; yearly.

To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic. Alphonse de Lamartine TWEET THIS

Aquatic relating to water; growing or living near, in or on water.Aquiver trembling or shaking because of strong excitement.

Athletic well proportioned and developed body; strong; muscular; robust; vigorous.Attainable capable of being attained, achieved or accomplished.Attendant following or accompanying as a consequence; associated.Attention-getting eye-catching; likely drawing attention to someone or something.Attentive taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention; observant.Attractive pleasing to the eye or mind; having quality or power to attract interest; enticing.Atypical not conforming to type; unusual or irregular.

Fortune favors the audacious. – Desiderius Erasmus TWEET THIS

Awaited expected hopefully.Awake mentally responsive and perceptive; carefully observant or attentive.Aware apprised; informed; cognizant; conscious.Awash abounding; filled; covered; covered with water.Awe-inspiring inspiring or arousing admiration, wonder or awe (especially through being magnificent, impressive or formidable); awesome.Awesome inspiring wonder, awe or admiration; very good or impressive.Awestruck overcome or filled with awe or wonder.

Axiological of or pertaining to value theory (philosophical field of axiology).

Azure having a light purplish-blue color that resembles clear or unclouded.

ps. Take also look of positive verbs starting with a and positive nouns starting with a.

Positive Adjectives That Start With E

Congratz! You just found an enormous, entertaining and engaging list of describing e words.

Take an earnest look of these educative and effective positive words and enliven your vocabulary and writing.


Eager showing or having keen interest or intense desire; sharp.Early arriving before expected time or event; beginning; near the start; very young.Earnest showing deep sincerity; diligent; hearty; ardent to obtain or do.Earthly possible; conceivable; terrestrial; real.Earthy natural; practical; sensible.Easy capable of being acquired or accomplished with ease; relaxed; free from worry, pair or trouble; light; gentle.Easygoing without worry or concern; relaxed; unhurried; leisurely.

Ebullient joyously enthusiastic; high-spirited; overflowing; bubbling.

Eclectic choosing; selecting; one who selects seemingly best of various ideas or styles.Economic pertaining or relating to the study, production or management of money and its movement; efficient; cheap; profitable.Economical careful and prudent in management of money; thrifty; avoiding waste.Ecstatic pleasurable, joyful, delighted, happy, overpowering or entrancing beyond measure.Ecumenical of worldwide scope; universal; general.

I relate to happiness as an ecstatic moment – something you don’t create, you encounter. Yoko Ono TWEET THIS

Edified instructed and encouraged in intellectual, moral or spiritual improvement.Educated possessing more than average knowledge; showing evidence of experience, schooling or training; characterized by full comprehension of the problem.Educational providing knowledge; instructive; relating to the process or serving of education.

Effective producing required decided effect or decisive effects; operative; serviceable; efficient.Effectual producing a desired or intended effect or result; operative; decisive; true.Effervescent enthusiastic; vivacious; fizzy; high-spirited.Efficient producing or acting effectively with a minimum of waste, effort, energy or expense; making careful or good use of resources or available energy.Effortless without or with little effort or strain.Effulgent shining; radiant; resplendent; splendid; luminous.

Emerald bright and rich in yellowish or green color, like that of the emerald.Emerging coming into existence; rising; emergent; newly formed; coming to maturity.Eminent remarkable; prominent; lofty; high; outstanding; important; noteworthy; being metaphorically above others.Empathetic showing comprehension, understanding and empathy for others; recognizing others feelings.Employable able to be employed or used; fit n. one who is qualified and ready to work.Empowered having power or confidence to make relevant choices to one’s situation; enabled; permitted.

Epicurean luxurious; pursuing pleasure and enjoyment.Epideictic done for show or display (usually in rhetorical manner).

Equable steady; calm; unvarying; tranquil; serene; not changing or variable.Equal having the same values in all respects; impartial; just; even.Equiponderant having equal weight, force or influence; evenly balanced.Equipped fitted and provided with proper equipment for a purpose.Equitable marked by what is fair, impartial and just.Equivalent having identical or similar attributes or effects.

Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress. Nicholas M. Butler TWEET THIS

Eternal everlasting; endless; immortal; unending; seemingly without end.Ethical morally approvable; conforming to accepted standards of social behavior.

Euphonic pleasing or easy in sound or to the ear; harmonious.Euphonious pleasing, sweet or agreeable in sound; pleasant and agreeable to the ear.Euphoric extreme or intense feeling of happiness, pleasure or well-being.

Even-handed free from preconceived opinion; treating fairly (not favoring one side over another).Eventful rich in or full of events; pertaining high levels of activity, issues or results; momentous.Everlasting eternal; enduring or lasting forever n. eternity; eternal duration.Evident easily understood or seen; obvious.Evocative having the power or tending to evoke; calling forth; developing.

One rare and exceptional deed is worth far more than a thousand commonplace ones. Saint Ignatius TWEET THIS

Eye-catching visually beautiful or attracting; something that draws attention.

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Positive Adjectives That Start With D

Do you dare to put these dainty and dazzling describing d words into use? I’m sure you do. Develop and “decorate” your vocabulary with these driven and dynamic positive words.


Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike. – Theodore Roosevelt TWEET THIS

Didactic morally instructive; perceptive.Different various; diverse; distinct; not the same; unusual.Dignified respectable; expressing or having dignity; stately; showing or having self-esteem.Diligent performing with care, intense focus and concentration; assiduous; industrious.Dinkum real; genuine.Diplomatic marked or using by sensitivity, tact and shrewdness in dealing with others; artful.Direct frank; lineal; candid; straightforward.Disarming capable of allaying suspicion or hostility; winning confidence or favor.Discerning shrewd; acute; sagacious; perceptive; sensitive; having good judgment or keen insight.Disciplined under control; possessing mental discipline; trained mentally by instructions.Discreet distinct; differing; free from pretension; modest: unobtrusively sympathetic and perceptive.Discrete distinct; separate; disjunctive; individual.Discriminating perceptive; analytical; distinguishing.Dispassionate not affected by bias or prejudice; calm.Distinct very clear; marked; variegated; different; notable; easily perceived.Distinctive having a special quality, attributes, style attractiveness etc.; notable; different from others; capable of being classified.Distinguished noted; specified; characterized by excellence or speciality.Distinguishing characteristic; peculiar; distinctive.Diverse various; different; distinct; multiform.Diverting entertaining; amusing; pleasing.Divine heavenly; perfect; godlike; sacred; beautiful.

Only divine love bestows the keys of knowledge. Arthur Rimbaud TWEET THIS

Doable feasible; possible to do; capable to be executed.Docile willing and ready to be taught; easily managed or handled; amenable.Doe-eyed having gentle, dark and large eyes (especially of a woman).Dogged showing or having the unyielding and persevering attitude to get or do something; steadfast.Dominant ruling; governing; prevailing; controlling; most influencing.Doting characterized by giving affection and love.Doubtless certain; assured; without doubt; free from fear or failure.Doughty brave; valiant; spirited; able.Down-to-earth realistic; practical.

The only durable sense of success is if you’ve followed your calling. Jim Harrison TWEET THIS

Dreamlike fantastic; resembling a dream.Dreamy serene; soothing; sexy; attractive; wonderful; fantasy-like.Driven passionate to achieve goals; strongly motivated.Driving intense; forceful; acting with vigor; impelling; energetic; active.Droll amusingly odd.

Dulcet pleasing or sweet to the ear or taste; melodious; harmonious; very pleasant in a gentle way; agreeable.Duplicate identical; double.Durable stable; lasting; enduring; not consumed or depleted by use (especially in economics).Dutiful ready to perform; controlled by a sense of duty; respectful; obliging.

Dynamic active; changing; energetic; powerful; in motion.Dynamite outstanding; superb.

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